Thank you to all those who participated in the 2017-2018 Archangels Serving Those who serve us Scholarship.  Our hope was to create a wave of good will for those who serve us and create bridges in the community.  Much good was done and we look forward to next year's projects! Congratulations to this years recipients:

Bethany Burgess and Crystal Tansley

Details of their service and projects will appear here in the future.  Thanks again to all who participated!

Archangels Serving Those Who Serve US Scholarship

Greetings and salutations to all who seek to make the world a better place. We are The Archangels and we serve Military, Veterans, and First Responders. One of the programs we have created is this annually awarded scholarship. In the end the person who we determine has impacted the community the most will receive $1000. The best part however, is although not everyone will receive money, all who participate will have changed the world for the better. We want to create an atmosphere in the community where love, kindness, and understanding can flourish and build bridges wherever possible.
Project Examples
Honestly there is no way to provide a list of all the ways one can serve as the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and determination! Nevertheless, here are a few examples.
1. Some projects on the surface may not seem like they change the world on the surface but upon closer review do just that. An example of this may be the daily service that comes from helping an elderly, paraplegic, or otherwise challenged veteran or former First Responder with the daily struggles of life e.g. laundry, personal hygiene, doctors appointments, nutrition, recreational activities. These daily sacrifices and services are beautiful and commendable.
2. Changing the world for the better can be challenging. Sometimes burauocracy or other hurdles can be surmounted via working with local representatives to create legislation or other change to assist military and or First Responders.
3. Eagle Scout Projects or other group projects. Linking up with the VA, a local Veterans Resources Center, Fire or Police Department, finding what they need, and executing a project to fill that need are great ways to bring others together to change the world.
Rules and Requirements
1. The time-frame for a project or service to be completed must be during the 2017-2018 school year. The project may have begun before and may continue past the 2018 school year as long as significant achievements were made during the 2017-2018 school year.
2. Participants may have a personal relationship to the recipient(s) such as parents, uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa, neighbor, teacher, or family friend. If the project brings the family, friend, or whoever close together, that's awesome!
3. Have fun, be professional, be kind, make the world a better place!
Age Requirements: There are no age stipulations, however, if participants are under 18 they must have parent or legal guardian approval and oversight.
All decisions made by the board, in reference to the winner of the scholarship are final. There is no appeal process. Be happy for the winner and be happy the world is better, and keep serving!
Those who participate in the program authorize the facilitators (The Archangels) to utilize any material submitted to or regarding a submission e.g. names, videos, pictures, stories, etc to be used however they deem best.
Any participants and their parent or guardian (if under 18) will not hold Archangels (or their staff and volunteers) responsible for any injury, accident, or incident that occurs as a result of their community service or project. Participants who are under 18 will keep their parent, guardian, and school informed of their project and service. Parents and guardians are responsible to ensure projects are safe and performed safely and with oversight.
Any submissions, projects, or ideas that Archangels does not believe is in keeping with the values of The Archangels, our good communities, or our country may be asked to be terminated and or disassociated with Archangels.
In order to be considered the project or service must be submitted via email to the Archangels president using the email SStoddard@archangel.rocks
Items to be submitted include:
1. Completed "Archangels Serving Those Who Serve US Scholarship Consideration Form" which can be found on The Archangels website located at www.archangel.rocks
2. Supporting documents such as a 500 words max essay, pictures, videos, thank you letters or videos. If larger videos are made they can be hosted on another site (YouTube or other) and a link added to the email. At least one supporting document must be submitted but there isn't a single supporting document limit and more is encouraged.
3. Submissions must be received by May 1st 2018.
Winner will be announced May 7th via www.Archangel.rocks
Archangels will contact the winner using the contact information listed on their Consideration Form. If Archangels is unable to contact the winner after reasonable attempts have been made using the information provided, Archangels will select an alternate winner and there is no recourse or petition process for the original winner. All decisions made by the board are final.