Who we are

Archangels is a certified non-profit with an IRS 501c3 designation. 100% of donations to Archangels goes to helping Veterans, First Responders, Law Enforcement, and anyone else in need. We have no paid employees! All donations and financials are managed and audited through the United Way and are tax deductible. The United Way is also a non-profit and provides their services to Archangels at no extra cost, ensuring that there are no extra costs or fees and allowing 100% of all donations to go to those who need assistance.







The services we provide support our mission to help those in need.  

Equine Therapy

Horse Boarding

Lessons and Clinics


Trailrides ...coming soon.


The Archangels are a group of volunteers working together to provide assistance and service to those who need it. The Archangels work specifically to assist veterans, first responders, law enforcement, and anyone else living with the effects of PTS(Post Traumatic Stress) and other mental health challenges.  Archangels are volunteers working together and giving their time to serve and be caring neighbors.

Equine Therapy is the use of horses to manage the symptoms of post traumatic stress and many other mental health challenges.  Our program teams a Vet with a wild American Mustang to train and resolve challenges as a team.  Our Ranch Manager, Kelvin Baldwin, has spent countless hours working with veterans as well as training mustangs.  As a veteran himself, Kelvin understands the challenges that veterans face and has given his heart to provide support to veterans in need of equine therapy.


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