The Archangels are a group of volunteers working together to provide assistance and services to those who need it. The Archangels work specifically to assist veterans and first responders suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. Archangels are volunteers working together and giving their time to serve and be caring neighbors. We are one team with one fight and we must work together to be a positive influence in the world.  


Mesa Public Schools Scholarship

A college scholarship with Mesa Public Schools and Mesa Police Department for kids that serve veterans or 1st responders in their community.  Student essays will be submitted to the Archangel Board of Directors and a winner will be winner selected. 

A Coalition of the Willing

Veterans and first responders give to the community on a daily basis.  We need your help giving back.  We are asking every type of business out there...plumbers, electricians, mechanics, HVAC, even other services like massage, haircuts etc. to team up to provide services at no or little cost to veterans in need.  This is a completely volunteer army of folks coming together to lend our returned service members a hand.  

Example: If a veterans has a broken water heater and can't pay for it, they will be able to call us and we will have a list of plumbers that are willing to do it for free in return for good feelings/PR/tax write off. 

Decompression Time

We partner with Hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, cabins etc that vets and first responses can use after deployment or tough incident. In return, unsold rooms get used as a good PR/Tax write off.


The Archangels are just regular folks who want to do some good in the world.  We work to raise funds for those in need through short term fundraisers as well as ongoing long-term projects that serve the community.  Archangel currently sponsors a 4th of July Breakfast and Veteran's Day Event to honor veterans.  The proceeds of these events go toward helping veterans.  Previous year donations went to a charity that provides equine therapy to veterans with Post Traumatic Stress and children with autism. Through a generous donation in 2016 we were also able to present a track wheelchair to an amputee veteran.

Our current goal is to create a safe space for returning veterans, first responders, or anyone else suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and/or other mental health challenges. We believe in the power of nature, work, and animals to heal. The space we envision is a ranch with cabins and enough land to sustain horses and other therapy animals. The ranch will allow visitors to take a break from PTS and provide a healing environment.

The services we provide support our mission to help those in need.  

Equine Therapy

We can connect a veteran or other person in need with a wild mustang to work with and train.


4th of July Breakfast

Veterans Day Event

Fundraising for a Specific Cause


To provide a location for folks with Post Traumatic Stress or other mental health challenges to stay on a short-term basis.  Animal and nature therapy are extremely healing.  We are currently fundraising to purchase land and a facility to house our equine and nature therapy efforts.  Although we have been working for the community for several years, our non-profit status is currently pending. We can, however, provide you with tax deduction forms through the United Way.

Archangels will do our best to help anyone in need through our programs and the work of our volunteers.  Eligibility is determined through interview.  Veterans and first responders are given first priority.

100% of donations to Archangels goes to helping Veterans, First Responders, Law Enforcement, and anyone else in need. We have no paid employees! All donations and financials are managed and audited through the United Way and are tax deductible. The United Way is also a non-profit and provides their services to Archangels at no extra cost, ensuring that there are no extra costs or fees and allowing 100 percent of all donations to go to those who need assistance.

Archangel News and Events